_250giftcert Gift Certificate - Raised Garden Bed Installed
Grower: Life Botanica
Price: $250.00 ( EACH)
%> Available (Exact): 8

Wow! What a great housewarming gift! A 4'x4'x2' raised cedar bed. There are 2 options with this gift certificate. 1.) It can be specifically for 4x4x2'H raised cedar bed ready to plant. We'll save the fun part for the lucky recipient of this gift. So get someone started on a small veggy or herb garden. It includes all materials & labor, except plants. We get this one all ready to go. The recipient only needs to call us. 2.) A single $250 gift certificate covers 8 hours' (1 day's) worth of work or equivalent. It includes $25 in materials. We want to make it easy for you. In this time we'll do our best at an thorough cleaning of your yard or on a specific 8-hour task you may have in mind. Combine this with other gift certificates from Life Botanica purchased only through CTFC or use it as a deduction off a bigger project. We thank you for your purchase and support of CTFC and Life Botanica!